I’m Métis! Lyrics


Sacred Circle                          She’s a Hero
Buffalo Dreams                       Métis Anthem
Cuthbert Grant                        I’m Métis!
Ballad of the Grand Coteau      Soul of the Nation
Red River Cart                        Red River Rock
Louis, my Louis                      Manitoba (from Legacy)
Ninety Bullets                         Ride for Glory

Sacred Circle ©

When will we learn to see the Sacred? When will we know we’re not alone?
When will we find a way to heal our Mother Earth? When will we find our way back home?
The fish that swim, the birds that fly, the circle of all creation, the fertile earth, the endless sky, are all our relations.
We are surrounded by the Sacred, And, knowing this, we know we’re not alone.
If we will honour all that’s born of Mother Earth, We’ll find the Sacred is our home.

Ballad of the Grand Coteau ©

A cart train rolled from Grantown — banners flying in the sun — with just 67 hunters, back in 1851.
All their families travelled with them, as a ridgetop gave the view
that they’d found a herd of bison, and at least a thousand Sioux….

Métis Anthem ©

Our people travelled from the Bay, and from the Eastern Sea, And at Red River, we became a nation proud & free.
We are the heirs of our great Nation, les gens libres du pays, Michif and Countryborn together.  We are proud to be Métis!

Ride for Glory ©

….John A McDonald sent an army to drive the people from their land,
so Dumont called Riel back to Batoche, and said, Come help us make a stand.
Come and Ride for Glory!  Ride for victory! Ride for the people that you love!  Ride to be free!

© All Lyrics Copyright Dana Lynn Seaborn