Magic Monkey:  A Modern Look at an Ancient Myth


The story of Hanuman, the monkey-hero of the Indian epic, Ramayana.  This is an enchanting tale of devotion and adventure, with a scholarly introduction and afterword which explore the story’s sources and themes in a manner that is both clear and inspiring.  Magic Monkey has been purchased by universities across Canada.

Magic Monkey is delightful. . . . a remarkable job of teasing the Hanuman story out of the thousand rich cross-currents of [the Ramayana].”  —  Hanuman Foundation

“It’s very clear that anyone who loves Hanuman is somebody who knows what’s real.”  — Ram Dass, author, Be Here Now

“well written.”  — Baba Hari Dass, author, Silence Speaks

“With the creative, finger-on-the-pulse abilities of the natural story-teller, Seaborn takes a well-loved tale from Asia and offers it up to story-lovers of all ages.  The retelling is superb — fresh, fun and exciting.  Indeed, though I’ve read many versions of this story, I found Magic Monkey hard to put aside.  I look forward to using it in my teaching and sharing it with friends.”   — Dr. Astri Wright, Professor, Asian Art History, University of Victoria

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