I’m Métis! CD

I'm Métis!

Dana Lynn Seaborn is a Red River Métis, and has written 14 touching & toe-tapping songs celebrating the history and spirit of the Métis people.  Includes some great Métis-style fiddle-playing by Adrian Dolan.

Dana is a descendant of Métis leaders Cuthbert Grant, Pascal Breland, and Riel’s Vice-President, François Dauphinais.  Her relatives include Isabella Falcon, who fought at the Grand Coteau, and Joseph Oulette, who fought beside Dumont and died at Batoche.


“Wonderful CD, LOVE IT!!!” — S. Horyski
“Well done! I learned something about the history of the Métis.”
– C. Newman

Red River Rock

Métis Anthem

Ride For Glory


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