Metaphor Lyrics


Sacred Circle (from I’m Métis!)    Magdalene
Ocean Mother                            70 x 7
Hanuman                                   One Hand Clapping
Love Can!                                  Mountain Meditation
Lifeline                                       Eternal Spirit
One                                           Karuna
Every Time I Pray                      Holy Pantheist!

Mountain Meditation ©

Just sitting, Not looking, Just seeing, Just what is.
Green forrest, White mountain, Blue heaven, Just what is.

Bright dancing wonder of the wind in the trees
Each moment shining with a bliss I can see
I can be

Every Time I Pray ©

Every time I pray it shines a light along the way,
it makes the night as bright as day,
and everywhere I go is home.
And every time I call the Name, it brings me joy where there was pain.
I know my life’s not lived in vain;
I’m not alone.

Holy Pantheist! ©

Some say the word ‘holy’ only goes with certain things —
that holy means a certain god or creed.
But this whole sacred universe is miraculous to me,
and holy, holy, holy is all I see.

All lyrics Copyright © Dana Lynn Seaborn